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Play golf at Whitby

Whitby Golf Club is situated on the western side of the town on the road to the pretty coastal village of Sandsend and has a commanding position on the edge of the cliffs.

There are wonderful views along the coast, north-westward over the picturesque bay of Sandsend to Kettleness.

It is the ideal type of holiday course, not too long or difficult for the moderate player provided a reasonable degree of accuracy is achieved. ‘Wild hitters’ can be severely punished, as some of the hazards are quite unusual. The most striking is the wild cleft in the Cliffs known as ‘Upgang Ravine’ which has to be driven when playing the 6th and 18th holes. The degree of driving difficulty on many an occasion is decided by the prevailing wind which may come from either the North Sea or the moors.

Whitby Golf Course by wfmillar (cc-by-sa/2.0) | Whitby Golf Course by Peter Church (cc-by-sa/2.0)